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Experimental Research Projects

Students intending to major in Biophysics must undertake three separate experimental projects, one from within the School of Physics and two allocated from amongst the various participating bio-science departments. Each project involves approximately 50 hours of lab work over a maximum of six weeks, followed by a detailed report. Some projects may also include background reading and a review essay.

Projects within Physics
Ralph James Amperometric enzyme electrodes
Ralph James Magnetotactic bacteria
 Ralph James Ultrasound principles & imaging
Ralph James, Shane Chambers Whale stranding analysis
Ralph James Bioacoustics and Musical Perception
Tim StPierre Interfacial Tension of biological fluids and ferrofluids
Tim StPierre Magnetometry as a method for assaying iron in liver and liver biopsies
Tim StPierre Proton relaxometry measurements on natural contrast agents for MRI.

External Projects
Roger Price (MTP/SCGH) pQCT determination of microstructure; correlation with ultrasound properties
Roger Price (MTP/SCGH) Image analysis of cancellous bone structures
Martin Saunders (CMM) Electron microscopy  
Anthony Bakker (Physiology) Dartos Muscle
Peter Collins (CCWA Forensics) Microsocope resolution
Dr. Michael Rosenburg (Population Health) Accelerometers as guides to workload


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