The student could get involved in the commissioning of a peripheral quantitative computed tomography system (pQCT). This desktop system is designed to access tomographic images of the forearm and distal human femur in vivo, and to allow differentiation of cancellous and cortical bone. It can also be used for ex vitro work, ie sections of porous and other materials. To a degree, it can map the internal architecture of materials, depending of course on the average atomic number of the material, and the required resolution. I have sought more information from the German manufacturer regarding spatial resolution. We have a newly acquired system (Stratec XCT2000) in SCGH, awaiting commissioning by the manufacturer in the week of Feb 25th. The manufacturer will provide training on the system, and because it is a small company, I understand that the fellow providing the training is actually an expert, and not simply a salesman. I have approached the manufacturer, asking for some training on the more esoteric aspects of the machine. The project for the student (~50 hours) could be as follows: