College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry

This is a hypertextbook written for first-year undergraduate physics students. It assumes that you have a working knowledge of algebra, that you are currently taking or have taken a college level course in Biology and one in Chemistry, and that you are interested in biology, chemistry or one of the health-related fields. It does not try to be encyclopedic, but neither does it assume that you have to be spoon-fed: you are expected to be a serious student and a careful reader. This means that you are expected to work out all of the examples for yourself, and do all of the problems.

Much of the book uses Greek symbols for constants and variables. Since HTML (what this is written in) does not yet support Greek, we have to resort to a sort of "kludge" (a tasteless trick which gets the job done.) In order to see the Greek symbols, you must set the preferences in your browser to associate the "Symbol" font with pre-formatted text. I trust that this will not inconvenience you too much.

NOTE: Some trouble has been reported using Netscape Navigator Version 3 with Windows 95. It seems that the Symbol font is not made available as an option for the fixed font. If this occurs, try the latest version of Mosaic.

This hypertextbook also assumes that you are running a browser which supports tables, subscripts and superscripts (such as Netscape 2.01). Additionally, there are Java problem generators linked to the ends of the problem sets for chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, which require a Java-capable browser (such as Netscape 3.0). (These are inactive in the current version of this mirror site due to Mac/PC incompatibilities).

In order to use the Mathematica notebooks, you must tell your browser to launch either Mathematica or MathReader when you download a notebook (set your web browser to associate MIME type "application/mathematica" and file extension "mth" with either program).

There are four entrances into this hypertextbook:

There is also a list of references which I used in putting this hypertextbook together.

Enjoy your studies and learn something!

1996, Kenneth R. Koehler. All Rights Reserved. This document may be freely reproduced provided that this copyright notice is included.

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