BIOPHYSICS - Biofluids

Images of turbulent flow

Turbulence by its nature is unpredictable in the classical sense, but nevertheless often displays surprising regularity and largescale structure. The following links present a wide range of examples of turbulence from both nature and experiment. All images are JPEGS with sizes bewteen 4 and 30 kb.

NOTE: one of those images was laminar!


Animations of vortex formation and interaction in fluid flow.

These GIF animations were created from lab pictures/computer visualisations done at the Eindhoven University of Technology  by the Vortex Dynamics and Turbulence Group.


Movies of turbulence in a wooden flute.

The following stunning movies were taken by Mico Hirschberg at the Eindhoven University of Technology showing the formation of turbulent eddies in the sounding of a wooden flute with a fundamental tone of 513 Hz.

Still photos from the previous movies

When the air flow through the flute is varied with constant pipe length the sound is heard to jump amongst the harmonics of the pipe.
Hear an audio sample ( 321 kb ).